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  1. Jan says:

    Thank you so much for a great night,you guys were fantastic! We danced all night!
    Look forward to seeing you again soon!
    Jan+Simon xx

  2. Dan says:

    Awesome performance at the Bildeston King’s Head on Saturday. Best band we’ve ever had by MILES!

  3. Jo Fisher says:

    What a great night out at the Bayhorse with you. Thanks

  4. Claire says:

    Great night at Dexters! Fantastic band. :)

  5. Jayne says:

    Really great gig at the Waggon last night. I had forgotten how good the band is as haven’t seen you for quite a while. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

  6. shazy316 says:

    Excellent set at the Grapes!!Fantastic sound ,unwavering vocals
    Great night !
    Will definitely want to see you again.
    Brought a friend along,her first live band – good choice!!

  7. Sam Butler says:

    Thank you for travelling all the way over to East Harling for one of the best gigs we have ever had here. What more can I say except you will be recommended highly and we would love to have you all back very soon. Such a talented and passionate group of truly great musicians that will reassure anyone looking to book them, that great musicians do still exist…
    Thank you from myself and the team at The George & Dragon, East Harling

  8. Jo Snow says:

    GREAT NIGHT! Excellent music, had me rockin in my flip flops! Fab bunch of people, thanks for the back stage passes and jaegerbombs! Will definitely be back :-)

  9. Sarah says:

    That was something else!!! Well done guys, awesome.x

  10. Christine says:

    Wow, wow and wow! You the men, still catching my

  11. Malcolm says:

    Astonishing stuff guys, different league to what I am used to hearing each week, be watching you regularly from now on. Fantastic night. :-)

  12. Trevor Sanders says:

    What a fantastic night of entertainment at the Grapes on Saturday, best band I have seen for a very long time. :-)

  13. John Trowbridge says:

    Thank you coming to Halesworth,what a fantastic band! Love your music and the energy you put in was out of this world. Can’t wait to see you again, please come back soon? Thanks again.

  14. Sandra Bloomfield says:

    Saw you for the first time at Heveningham fireworks last night. Absolutely brilliant!! Will certainly be turning up at one of your future events.

  15. Andrea says:

    What a fab night guys, thoroughly entertained by some outlandish tambourine manipulation, frenetic performances and super tight playing. What a guitar player too, fantastic solos, defo be looking out for you guys from now on. :-)

  16. Ali Taylor says:

    Thank you all so much for a brilliant performance last night. It was such a treat to have you play at our party and have room to leap about.Everyone loved you and if asked if I could do it again. :) Bring it on! Love you guys xx

  17. Teige says:

    You guys are a great band and I love coming to watch you. Hope to come see u again soon! Xx

  18. cathy says:

    What a night at the Hadleigh George…
    I watch a lot of bands but none put on a show like you guys! The sound was phenomenal and the lights and smoke were more Wembley than Hadleigh! :)
    (Awesome setlist too,so nice to not hear the same old songs for a change!)
    Can’t wait to see you again! xx

  19. Paul says:

    Fleetwood Mac the nuts, Billy Idol the nuts, The Doors unbelievable, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  20. phil says:

    What an absolute pleasure to see great musicians playing tunes that are out of the ordinary, so refreshing and enjoyable!
    If only there were more bands out there like you guys!! Thanks for a superb evening.

  21. Rachel says:

    Great night in the Mulberry Tree Ipswich,everyone had a brill time. Will def be looking out for you again when next in town. Keep it up. xx

  22. Sue says:

    Brilliant night at the Prince last saturday (8th). You guys rocked :) Awesome as always x

  23. Emma says:

    You guys are unbelievable, can’t wait to see you again. Thank you so much for a fabulous night.x

  24. Thanks for a fab night, awesome as ever!Can’t wait for the next one!

  25. Sandra (and Phil) says:

    Fantastic night at The Mulberry Tree, Ipswich, you guys are just wonderful, love ya always xx

  26. Harry says:

    Saw you guys at the Alex Felixtowe and was blown away. Now I have managed to track down your website I’ll be keeping tabs on when you are round these parts again. I listen to live bands all the time and I can tell you this much, you are head and shoulders above the competition. Thanks for a great evening’s entertainment.

  27. Helen says:

    Big HI to you….last night at O’Neill’s Southend! You will remember us the 5 sirens clapping and cheering all night lol. Thought you were awesome….Woopwoop!!:-)
    Helen, Lisa, Denise, Nancy and young Charlotte x

  28. Charlie says:

    What a fantastic night at the mulberry tree, not only was the music brill, you were thoroughly entertaining and energetic. will be checking the website for the next time you come to ipswich.

  29. Fred says:

    Amazing at the mutton on saturday. Superb company (not many bands stay and drink after!)
    Razz off the cuff was brilliant! cheers

  30. rich says:

    Followed the band for few years now, brilliant back then, f***in awesome now!! (get the bucket in tho Jamie!?)

  31. Emmalene,Mainy, Sam says:

    Is there a Backtrackin’ Anonymous…think I may need it! Fantastic night as always with you guys, still smiling!!

  32. Kenny and tish says:

    Great time sat , first time to a Backtrackin’ gig… won’t be the last!

  33. Sam says:

    same old story…. FOOKIN AWESOME!! xxx

  34. Becca says:

    Backtrackin = A brilliant night whenever, wherever! Fantastic as always last night, already looking forward to next time! Xx

  35. Linda says:

    Never seen you before but was in The Grapes saturday night, was right at the front too and you were bloody brilliant!! Will def be looking out for you next time!

  36. julie says:

    I have seen countless bands at the bull but I have to say, you guys are something special. Thanks for a fantastic night. Already looking forward to the next

  37. Nicki Licence says:

    Didn’t stop dancing all night and I have a broken heel on my best boots to prove it!! Awesome!!

  38. Rebecca Talbot says:

    After listening to Molly’s Chambers today several times, i have decided u guys do that song waaaaaay better than Kings of Leon :)

  39. Jo Fisher says:

    What can I say…. What entertainment!! Terry on Bass never stops moving, Jamie with his amazing voice, Keith on drums showing men actually can do more than one thing at once and Steve playing guitar solo’s whilst appearing to be asleep!! Well done and thank you all for another good night! x

  40. Sandie says:

    Hey, guys thanks for a brilliant night in the Grapes/Colchester. I used to go and watch live music on a regular basis but stopped going a few years ago. You made me realise what I’ve been missing, totally awesome and it made a nice change to see good musicians enjoying what they are doing. Bring on the next visit to Colchester. You have a new fan :o)

  41. sam says:

    one word guys = AWESOME x x

  42. Dawn says:

    After a stressful week it was great to come out last night and have a good night.. the atmosphere was great and the music you played was right up my street..and for you to play Stereophonics and Fleetwood Mac back to back, well you made my night! Fantastic, can’t wait to see you again.

  43. Dace says:

    Thank you so much! I just came back home from Roberts, that was something!!! Not as good a crowd as last Monday in King’s Arms, but anyway – you are just gorgeous! When you play, it feels like music goes through every cell of your body!( Especially Jay’s voice!:)THANK YOU!!!:)

  44. shirley says:

    What a fantastic night @ the bull on sunday. The band on before you were great but you guys were amazing! I dont know where the singer and the bassist get their energy from, I was exhausted just watching you both. Cant wait to see you

  45. Rachel, from Heaven!!! :-) says:

    I’m still deaf, my whole bady aches and I am exhausted but had the best night I have had in months – great gig. Looking forward to seeing you back at the Grapes.

  46. Helen & Rosie says:

    Music … Fabulous
    Dancing styles …. Highly entertaining 😉
    Use of Tambourine …. A*
    The Muppets rendition … Out of this world!

    Thanks for a fab night!

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